Saturday, August 1, 2009


We bought a washer, dryer and stove today!! We ended up deciding (after a loooong decision process) on front loading GEs and a Kenmore gas range, with FIVE burners and a continuous grate, there are all sorts of fancy features I'm sure I'll never use, but the thought of maybe using them is really exciting!

Tim, Sara and the boys came to visit yesterday and left this morning, it was so nice having them around, it was so sad to see them go! We went to happy hour at Rosen's and then while the guys did some work (thanks for all of the help Tim!!) Sara, Blake and I went to Ikea. I was well-behaved and only made a few purchases, but more importantly I got some good ideas for the future!

Today after spending way too much time at the MOA, we bought some new fish, I went for a nice evening run and then we also installed the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and Jesse fixed the leaking bathroom faucet.

The range won't be delivered until August 17th (the day after my birthday!!!!) but the washer and dryer are coming TOMORROW!! I think I'm way too excited to do laundry :) pictures to come soon.

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