Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All moved in....for the most part.

We live in a house now!! We spent our first night in the house Sunday night, after a long and productive day that we would not have gotten through (and it would have probably taken us all week) without Larry, Betty, Earl, Joyce, Brady and Shane (and Lester). There were many trips up and down the apartment building's three flights of stairs and some bee stings, but we made it through! So thank you thank you thank you to those of you who helped us move!

Since Sunday, we've just been settling in slowly. Patti, Tony and Mandy, John and Katrina have all been over to see the house in the last couple of days, it's been so fun to give tours! Also, I went for a run in the neighborhood last night and I decided that I absolutely love living here. I felt totally safe and it's so nice and quiet here.
Jesse had Monday and today off of work and has been unpacking and moving the last things over to the house. He even mowed part of the lawn today! Also, perhaps most importantly, thanks to Jesse, we now have a kitchen faucet!Today, we got our cable, internet and land line all set up. Now I can blog again!
For those of you wondering, Sam is adapting quite well!! Surprisingly, she made herself at home almost right away. As you can see, she finally tried out her housewarming gift from Larry and Betty and seems to like it!We went appliance shopping tonight and will hopefully have a new range, washer and dryer in the near future! But for now, microwaveable meals and Parkway Pizza are working just fine :)

Finally, we are looking forward to the visit from the Prosen's later this week! Happy Birthday Blake and Happy (early) Anniversary Tim and Sara!

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