Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Before Pictures:" Part II

Before: Random room that previous owner added on, attached to the kitchen. The room is not in good shape at all and serves little purpose, it is most likely just going to get torn off.
Before: Kitchen. Small. Cramped. etc. The idea here is to open up the kitchen so that it flows right into the living/dining room. We'll eventually be totally remodeling the kitchen.
Stairs leading to the "scary" basement...which isn't all that scarySee? Not so scary. It's actually about half finished.This is part of the reason why I say it's about half finished.

More pictures coming very soon! We've started painting and cleaning up the yard, etc. Jesse's dad was in town part of last week and really got us going on some projects (thanks Larry!), so I'll be putting pics up of the progress we've made since then.

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