Saturday, July 25, 2009

Long time, no post!

Major recap of what has been going on:

My my, it has been a busy past week! My mom came up to the cities on Monday and stayed through Thursday morning to help out with some house stuff, and boy did she (with help from Kathy) get a lot done! Between the two of them, the bathroom is almost spotless, the fridge is sparkling clean, the yard and front of the house (see above picture) looks awesome, and practically the whole house is super clean (down to the last windowsill).On Monday evening, Amie came to visit and brought us this lovely housewarming gift! Then my mom, Jesse, Amie and I had a great meal at the Highland Grill. It was so good to see her and before we knew it, we had spent two hours catching up!
On Tuesday night (so many visitors, yay!) Kathy and Jack were over and brought us our very first flowers for the garden!! I'm so excited, they do look a little lonely all by themselves though. More good food was had that night at Pepitos!Finally, guess who got their first housewarming gift last weekend? Yes, Sam (our cat) got her very own perch to look out the window on from her grandma and grandpa Nelson! On that note, I'll leave you all with a baby picture of Sam. **BIG move is tomorrow!!!!

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