Friday, January 15, 2010


I go away for one weekend and I come home to this!

Maybe a month ago, we cleaned out our weird garden shed that was built into the side of the house and George (plug: Superior Home Remodeling) came out and framed in that doorway.

Then, when I went to San Francisco at the beginning of January, Jesse, Betty and Larry got to work on tackling it from the inside.

I can't believe I missed this chance to use a sledgehammer to take out all of my bottled up rage and frustration! (haha, kidding)

The next week, Larry came back down and Matt came over too to help put up the sheet rock.
This new space will be used for a pantry and linen/coat closet. There is definitely enough room if future owners wanted to use it for a study or something else even! We also special ordered a beautiful pocket door for the closet and just found out that it's waiting at Menards for us to pick it up!

Lester even got to help with the demolition!

Next up, more recent developments including: more demolition (I get to try my hand at destruction this time!), flooring and more!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


So this post is super late. In fact, I took these photos during the holiday snow storm. But oh well, better late than never!

Behind that fence is the concrete slab that I park my car on. To keep this area free of snow, we have to start way back by the alley and shovel all of the snow back to the fence and onto this pile. I think we should have built a fort in it!

Jesse can carry a lot more snow than I can!

Along with this snow, cold, rain...our not-so-clean gutters got all clogged with ice and since we should be getting new ones soon, we decided to take the gutters off completely. Oh so much fun!