Sunday, September 20, 2009

A productive weekend...

I can't even believe how productive this weekend was. (well in terms of home renovations it was.... I STILL haven't touched my homework). Betty and Larry came on Friday morning. When I got home from work/class, I walked into an empty (locked) house, with two gaping holes where windows used to be in the living room. However, by bedtime Friday night, we had two brand new beautiful windows!
On Saturday, my dad joined the party. This time, by the time I got home from work (I know, it really doesn't seem like I help much, does it?) there was another new window in and one more hole waiting for the final window! Also, my dad had a good deal of his plumbing project done!
Currently, as I'm writing this, we have new windows in the living room and a new window in the second bathroom. Just as exciting, we have an actual functional second bathroom! After some unexpected surprise leaks and other things, my dad got all of the plumbing working and now the toilet, bathtub and sink all work!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's like we have our own nature reserve in our back yard!

Today I heard Sam making this "chattering" sound that I had never heard her make before. I saw her peering out the front storm door. When I looked out, I expected to see some squirrels or something, but boy was I surprised by what I saw!
A hawk! Just sitting on the fence that separates our yard from our neighbors'. We've been seeing this hawk flying around lately, but never this close, and never just sitting there, relaxing.In other news, we got our new furnace today! Get ready for some super exciting photos....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

There must not be any other bird feeders in the neighborhood...

Our latest purchase? A bird feeder! Jesse got "the Squirrel Buster" off of and man, this thing is heavy duty! Once we finally found a hook tall and strong enough for it, we filled it up and set it outside the front window, the perfect spot for Sam's viewing.So squirrel problems! It does seem as though word has gotten out though, as I type this, there is much less bird seed left than in the picture above and there are four birds on the feeder and one of them keeps chasing other birds away!