Friday, August 28, 2009

Contractors and Sales People

Happy Friday everyone! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. I mentioned that we might be needing to purchase a new furnace in my last post, and indeed that is what we've decided to do. We have now met with four furnace sales people, we are just waiting on the last quote and then will be making a decision, unfortunately, I feel like winter will be here before we know it! I have to say, purchasing a furnace is not as exciting as the recent appliances we purchased :)

My mom and dad were here at the beginning of the week. They were moving my brother into his house for school in LaCrosse and then made the trip up here to spend a couple of days. On Monday, we had an inspector come look at the gas appliances that we just installed and of course, he found "issues" for us to fix before a re-inspection. So, while my mom and I went shopping (!!!) my dad took a trip to Menards and pretty much took care of everything the inspector told us we had to do, before we got back from the mall!

We probably have one more contractor coming to bid on our re-siding, etc project, but hope to get that project going soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Updated, finally!

Hello again!

Exciting news, our new range got delivered today!
Haven't used it yet...not sure what I'll make first!

In other news, we met with more contractors today. It's looking like the plan right now is to completely redo the siding of our house (anyone have preferences on what kind of siding you like?), replace the gutters and tear off the weird back room with the flat roof. We met with some contractors that seemed really great today, and of course have had some not-so-great ones (mainly the ones that just never showed up).

Since the last update, Jesse and Matt got the dryer all hooked up. Doing laundry has never been so fun! We also got the sump pump working and things like that.

On a not so fun note, it looks like we'll be purchasing a new furnace in the not so distant future. We had the current furnace serviced today and we think we'll be better off just getting a new, energy-efficient furnas before this winter.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Excited about Appliances

The new washer is all hooked up!! The Sears delivery people were awesome, and came right at the beginning of the 2-hour window they gave us for delivery! After an emergency trip to Menards (one of the faucet hook-ups was leaking) Jesse got the washer all set and I did my first load of wash! Very exciting.
Jesse and Matt will be hooking up the gas dryer tomorrow!!
Jesse surprised me after appliance shopping yesterday by buying us some new fish! Unfortunately, we started with 13 and are now down to 8. Apparently, our Angelfish has decided that the new fish taste pretty good. sad.

Anyways, super excited that our mandatory to-do list is almost all checked off! If I can get a long lunch tomorrow, I will be making a trip to get some permits to finish the work. Then we'll need to get the stuff re-inspected and hopefully not have to worry about that anymore!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We bought a washer, dryer and stove today!! We ended up deciding (after a loooong decision process) on front loading GEs and a Kenmore gas range, with FIVE burners and a continuous grate, there are all sorts of fancy features I'm sure I'll never use, but the thought of maybe using them is really exciting!

Tim, Sara and the boys came to visit yesterday and left this morning, it was so nice having them around, it was so sad to see them go! We went to happy hour at Rosen's and then while the guys did some work (thanks for all of the help Tim!!) Sara, Blake and I went to Ikea. I was well-behaved and only made a few purchases, but more importantly I got some good ideas for the future!

Today after spending way too much time at the MOA, we bought some new fish, I went for a nice evening run and then we also installed the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and Jesse fixed the leaking bathroom faucet.

The range won't be delivered until August 17th (the day after my birthday!!!!) but the washer and dryer are coming TOMORROW!! I think I'm way too excited to do laundry :) pictures to come soon.