Sunday, August 2, 2009

Excited about Appliances

The new washer is all hooked up!! The Sears delivery people were awesome, and came right at the beginning of the 2-hour window they gave us for delivery! After an emergency trip to Menards (one of the faucet hook-ups was leaking) Jesse got the washer all set and I did my first load of wash! Very exciting.
Jesse and Matt will be hooking up the gas dryer tomorrow!!
Jesse surprised me after appliance shopping yesterday by buying us some new fish! Unfortunately, we started with 13 and are now down to 8. Apparently, our Angelfish has decided that the new fish taste pretty good. sad.

Anyways, super excited that our mandatory to-do list is almost all checked off! If I can get a long lunch tomorrow, I will be making a trip to get some permits to finish the work. Then we'll need to get the stuff re-inspected and hopefully not have to worry about that anymore!

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