Monday, August 17, 2009

Updated, finally!

Hello again!

Exciting news, our new range got delivered today!
Haven't used it yet...not sure what I'll make first!

In other news, we met with more contractors today. It's looking like the plan right now is to completely redo the siding of our house (anyone have preferences on what kind of siding you like?), replace the gutters and tear off the weird back room with the flat roof. We met with some contractors that seemed really great today, and of course have had some not-so-great ones (mainly the ones that just never showed up).

Since the last update, Jesse and Matt got the dryer all hooked up. Doing laundry has never been so fun! We also got the sump pump working and things like that.

On a not so fun note, it looks like we'll be purchasing a new furnace in the not so distant future. We had the current furnace serviced today and we think we'll be better off just getting a new, energy-efficient furnas before this winter.

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