Monday, February 15, 2010


The cat's world has been turned upside down for the last few days.
After I returned home from work on Friday, my dad finished leveling the floor in the living room, while the rest of us worked on laying the subflooring in the bedroom, where the floor didn't need to be leveled
My dad and Jesse, assessing the situation...

Pretty ugly underneath that carpet

Looking at the basement...from the living room

On Saturday, Betty and Larry came down to help us out. We're sure glad they did, we definitely wouldn't have gotten as far as we did without them. My mom got to work preparing this "Thanksgiving-like" feast for us. Where did we eat? on a table fashioned out of saw horses and plywood, of course!
The first few rows had to be nailed in by hand...

Sam found a new place to nap

Jesse, using the flooring nailer

Larry, perfecting the art of laying hardwood flooring



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